Vj Live. 2D/3D Custom Visuals. Stage Concept & Design.

Amaury A.K.A. VJ DayDreamer starts Vjing in 2011, in Goa Trance Parties.

This activity allows him to combine his three passions: Electronic & Trance Music, Graphic Design and Live Visuals.
He performed Live Visuals Night Shows in the biggest venues of Goa & for the main Events of 2012-2016.
Since 2014, he participate to the design & creation 3D mapping stages and he also create custom Contents for Festivals and Events Stages or for Club, in India.
After many Vj Live Shows mixing tons of Videos during this 5 years in Goa Amaury develop his own particular Psychedelic Visuals style. His sets are in constant evolution.
Since 2015, his favorite tools to create his own visuals are C4D, After Effects, Photoshop, Resolume Arena and Madmapper.
He is one of the creators and admin of this Website and a partner in Goa Freaks Community. : www.goa-freaks.com
Daydreamer is the person behind all visuals and graphic work of GFC- flyers, pictures, posters, banners, projections on the parties, etc.
Phone: +91 86 98 18 61 04 (India)
website: www.goadaydreamer.net
youtube channel: goadaydreamer
facebook: goadaydreamer
website partner: www.goa-freaks.com
website partner : www.hybriduv.org